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Folkish Family

The Folkish Family^ is the return to our Primordial State^, which we are firmly rooted into the Natural Order^. The Family is the Clan, the Ethnos, the Tribe, the Kin, it is your Folk, it is you.

Family is core to Native Faith. Abrahamism^ wages war against Natural Order & Life, thus to consume and pull its victims into dissolution it aims to dissolve the Family and the relation to it in individuals. They lose their identity and forget Tradition^, but most importantly their roots have been severed from the Cosmic Order and they can only veer off into the pursuit of endless abstractions. In their emptiness, unrootedness, they are trapped in an insatiable hunger and devour all they can and themselves in the process.

Those without their Folk are lost chasing mirages in the Abrahamic Desert. They dehydrate and die and are forgotten and burried in the sands of Time^. There is no real life without the Folk, only death in the desert.

In the Family we live, remember and reincarnate. We improve ourselves each generation, we act with real effect that is continued beyond our life. We die, shed and forget our weaknesses, and in the next life remember what is strong and healthy. When we are old enough and remember, we continue where we left off, rather than starting from the bottom, unrooted and defenseless each time.

Return to Native Faith, your Folk and Nature!

Written by: Völkisch Okkultist

1. Family - The Clan, Ethnos, Tribe, Folk, Kin, Totem.

2. Primordial State - The Natural and Organic state of Health, Growth and the expression of Life (ie the dominant Solar and masculine ideal.) In harmony with Natural Order.

3. Natural Order - Nature's rule is the law, action adhering to the laws of the Cosmos upholds Order as opposed to Chaos. Order is the Solar Ideal, being differentiated and unbecoming of dissolution. Order Is rather than becomes, it is the dominant force of upward growth and life. Chaos is Lunar, formless and becoming, it is the submissive force of decay and death, the fertilization of the soil with the blood of the weak.

4. Abrahamism - The machine of desert abstractions that insatiably consumes all in it and itself, a force of dissolution for the weak and uprooted masses.

5. Tradition - The accumulated and Primordial Wisdom of our ancestors, the key to remembering who we are each life.

6. Time - The downard current of irresistible change that is the very current of Time, the destroyer, an insatiable hunger that consumes itself.

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